• No longer an archive of finished work this blog will now function as a repository for creative inspiration, sketch book and personal projects all of which would otherwise remain unorganized. Think of these posts as getting a glance into a creative’s notebook.


  • I am Saga Arpino, a light loving city dweller.
  • I am a Royal College of Art trained glass artist specialised in the creative use of glass in architectural contexts.
  • Much of my work is focused on the nature and importance of public spaces and serves to enhance the quality of such spaces. I strive to create appropriate work with purpose, honesty, beauty and function.

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Thanks - really enjoyed this. I couldn't agree more! I've always felt that living near enough that you can spend 'random' time together with friends and people with similar creative pursuits is essential. I wish you lived nearer even though we do get our random time in :)

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